Lovely, lovely links

Awesome-sauce stuff of the moment:

Hot, Hot Library Smut on the nonist. Do try not to drool on your keyboard. Trinity College Library (Dublin) is particularly delectable.

Book staircase! A practical must for any house.

A list of banned & challenged books. There are some there I definitely wouldn’t have expected to find on that particular list. The Diary of Anne Frank, for example, which was challenged on account of being “a downer.” You know, like the Holocaust. A Downer. Farenheit 451 also made the list, for using the words “hell” and “damn”–with obvious bonus points for irony.

March of the Librarians. Awww.

It is partly the fault of Unshelved (formerly known as Overdue) that I want to be a librarian when I grow up. I don’t know that there would be anywhere on earth as interesting to work than in a library.

A house built for books. ‘Nuff said.