Links of the Whenever

Match It for Pratchett. A few months ago, Terry Pratchett announced that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He also announced that — given that Alzheimer’s is a very common disease but only gets 3% of the research money that cancer does — he has donated half a million pounds (about $1 million USD) to Alzheimer’s research. “Match It for Pratchett” is a campaign being organised by his fans to match that donation amount. You can read Pratchett’s speech announcing his diagnosis here (as it’s a transcript it’s not very well punctuated, but I’m sure you lovely people won’t let that get you down).

Why LibraryThing is amazing. You know, in case I haven’t said it enough already.

Book Sculpture! It’s crazy. Crazy good, I mean.

Star Wars Asciimation. Ever see A New Hope done entirely in ASCII art? Well, now you can.

Wondermark. Yaaaaaaaay.