Oh frabjous day, calloo callay!

I finished classes today. In essence I finished my third year of university today, barring one more exam which will take place later this month. I am finished! (I would like to say that it feels glorious, or something, but I’ve been up since 6:30 and in truth it feels like any other day, except tireder). Perhaps I will be excited later; my immediate plans involve napping.

At any rate, some bookish things have been happening to me lately. In the past two days, for example, I have received not one, not even two or three, but four books in the mail for me. Four books. For free! It’s very exciting.

The first to arrive, yesterday, was The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, by Beatrix Potter. We’ve got the whole set of Potter books, except we somehow ended up with two copies of The Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan, and nothing about poor Mr. Fisher. BookMooch came to the rescue, and the book came in the mail, straight from . . . the States somewhere. It was garbage day so I don’t have the envelope any more to tell you better than that. It’s a different edition than the rest of the set — the cover is large and green instead of small and white — but it’s nice to have it. Complete sets make me happy, especially when shelved in chronological order.

Order is good.

And then today, I came home after my exam to find two different packages containing a total of three books. Isn’t that cool?

The two that came together are Virus Games, by G. L. Sheerin, and The Ovum Factor, by Marvin L. Zimmerman. The former is a YA techno-fantasy story about a boy who is struck by lightning and is then able to see and interact with the beings who live inside our computers. The latter is an “eco-thriller” concerning a rare molecule which will change the course of human history . . . forever! Dun dun dunnnnn. All joking aside, they both look fun, and I should have some reviews up fairly soon. These books were sent to my by Phenix & Phenix (the publicist company, not the blog).

The other book is Dining with Death, by Kathleen Molloy, with whom I’ve been in contact after she left a comment on my review of Atonement. I think the best way to describe this is just to quote the jacket:

As friends leave her state-subsidized seniors’ building, “Goodbye for now” becomes goodbye forever. Afraid to die alone, Zophia Žvirgzdas hunts for the perfect gay grandson. Can a topless walkathon, a marriage proposal, or the misadventures of a seeing-eye monkey distract her from her pursuit of progeny? Will the Angel of Death convince her that life is for the living – before it’s too late?

I confess that I have no idea how one would pronounce “Žvirgzdas,” although I suspect it starts out with a sound that’s a cross between a SH and a J. Or something. Nevertheless, I greatly look forward to this book. And, as above, I will get a review up soon.

I look forward to all of them, actually, which means that it’ll be hard to choose what to focus on first. Right now I’m primarily reading Thud, by Terry Pratchett, and so I expect that I’ll finish that before deciding. Probably.

Books, books, books! Such riches!