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I found this meme over on things mean a lot. I believe you’re supposed to list favourite books as well as favourite authors, but I haven’t done so because I’m difficult that way. Some days I just don’t know what to do with me. So my list is authors only, on the grounds that I probably can’t pick a particularly favourite book for most of them. I have therefore added a link to each author’s profile on LibraryThing, and you can peruse their titles at your leisure.

Besides Pride and Prejudice, anyway. That’s just a given.

Austen, Jane
Bujold, Lois McMaster
Colfer, Eoin
Davies, Robertson
Eliot, George
Fforde, Jasper
George, Elizabeth
Heinlein, Robert A.
Jonson, Ben
Kay, Guy Gavriel
Lewis, C. S.
Moon, Elizabeth
Nesbit, Edith
Pratchett, Terry
Queen, Ellery
Rutherfurd, Edward
Sayers, Dorothy L.
Tolkein, J. R. R.
Wodehouse, P. G.
Yancy, Philip
Zelazny, Roger

I couldn’t fill a couple of letters. Anybody have recommendations for authors to read whose surnames start with I, O, U, V, and X? That reads like a mediocre scrabble hand — although I note that one could make “vox” for 13 points before any multipliers.

I note also that my list runs fairly heavily to fantasy, science fiction, and mystery writers.  I’m not surprised; I think it would have been that way even if I had made other choices (since some letters have an abundance of authors to their credit).

Has anyone else done this? Drop a comment and I’ll come visit.

8 thoughts on “From A to Z

  1. yay, a fellow fantasy lover! For “I”, I really recommend Kazuo Ishiguro. He's an amazing writer.I see you listed P.G. Wodehouse – I've been meaning to read him for a long time, but I never quite know where to start. What do you recommend?


  2. For Wodehouse, I would start with any of the Jeeves books. It's a series, but they all stand alone quite well, and so it doesn't really matter if you get to them in order or not.


  3. V- Gore Vidal—Historical FictionV= Van Allsberg….Children's Books..He is most noted for The Polar Express,but he has some interesting Young Adult picture books.O is difficult..I know in my library we have one author with OX noneU noneGood Luck


  4. Always good to see Pratchett. 😉 I haven't done the list yet but I'm feeling the urge to get around to it.


  5. If you think you'd like so YA-ish sweet growing up/romace stories, try Eva Ibbotson for 'I'. She also has some more serious, more adult books as well as kids' ones.Baroness Orczy's Scarlet Pimpernel books for O.Joan D. Vinge is a possibility for V. She writes some excellent science fiction; her most famous book is probably “The Snow Queen” which is an SF take on the fairy tale.Nothing immediately comes to mind for U or X. Sorry.


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