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I’ve been thinking lately about why we read. You see, P is basically a non-reader, and so I sometimes find myself trying to explain why, exactly, books and words and such mean so much to me. How many different reasons do you think there are for people picking up books?

Why do we read?

Why do I read?

I read because I’ve always read — almost as long as I can remember.

I read because the books are there.

I read because I’m bored.

I read to find out what other people are like.

I read to find out what I am like.

I read because I’m addicted to words.

I read to be entertained.

I read to be enlightened.

I read to imagine the past and the future.

I read because it is comforting.

I read because I need information.

I read because there’s nothing better to do.

I read because there’s nothing worth doing more than reading.

I read so that I can write better.

I read so that I can write more.

I read to have something to talk about.

I read to have something to aspire to.

Why do we read?

Why do you read?

Tell me. Let’s compile a list.

7 thoughts on “Tell Me

  1. […] She Reads Books wrote, last night, about the question of why we read. There are a million reasons, of course, for any reader. But I think there are also reasons particularly related to abuse. […]


  2. For all those reasons. Sometimes to take a break from reality. And sometimes to better understand how others think. (sure, characters aren't real, but the authors are as are the influences which led to the characters' creation.) To be inspired….


  3. I love your list. I read for many of those very same reasons. And also because it helps me understand people (which you've sort of said in other words).


  4. You and I must be connected!One of the things you say is you read so you can write better. I think that's a HUGE reason I read particular blogs. There's a style of writing that I aim for, and reading it helps me hone my own voice, even though I don't want to write professionally, and I actually HATE writing for work.I suppose I also read because I want to escape. I don't want to think of all the things I COULD be doing or SHOULD be doing…instead I'm off into another life, another world, and for a while, my world falls away and doesn't exist. It's hard to explain in words what it feels like when I read.


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