Trip Notes (II)

(1) If you wait an extra five days to buy your plane tickets, they will suddenly be $600 more expensive. Don’t do this. So long, easy flight home! It was nice dreaming about you. I’ll be in the car.

(2) When dining at Mary’s Kountry Kitchen, be aware: “Petite Portions” are exactly that. Also, I think that people need to stop with the kutesy kountry spellings. Please.

(3) When it comes to homesickness, I think that it’s the little things that count most. Being in a different country? That’s fine. All of the locks on doors turning in the wrong direction? That’s a bit jarring.

(4) Things elderly American men want to know:

  • You’re from Canada?
  • What’s the price of gasoline up there?
  • How many litres are there in a gallon?
  • Do you import most of your oil?
  • How’s the governor general doing?
  • You sure have a pretty country up there.
  • Do you speak French?
  • I hope you appreciate your grandmother.

4 thoughts on “Trip Notes (II)

  1. Lol. Door locks are so tricky. Moving from dorm to a random campus house to the apartment…so many lock changes. I don't like it.As for kutsey spellings, people either need to embrace the full Restoration and early 18th century conventions for spelling and punctuation, MWAHAHAHA or spell things right. Or use lolspeak because I likes it.But I Realy think that spelling and capitalisation can still be Understod without resorting to Standardizacion. (I'm really bad at faking it, my brain is too trained otherwise).


  2. that is so true about the plane tickets. but then, i was just reading in The Four-Hour Work Week about how he recommends looking at orbitz and the airline's site for the cheapest tickets on each, and then bidding on for half of the lowest of those prices, and then increasing it by $50 increments until you either get a price you like or realize it's not happening and try something else 🙂 I am dying to try that!


  3. (he recommends that for last-minute flights as well, I think. He says that airlines get desperate at the last minute because they will lose money if they don't fill those seats – although I think that really has to be paired with the whole “flying tuesday-thursday” thing because a lot of flights I've tried last-minute shopping with have filled RIGHT up otherwise.)


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