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Egad! I register for classes for my final year of undergrad tomorrow morning. And true to form, I have left it till tonight to pick said classes. Go self!

It’s a bit intimidating, actually, just because I have to sort out all of my requirements so that I can, you know, graduate on time next year. And the course descriptions come in a different book than the actual course calendar, so there’s a fair bit of juggling paper that comes with it as well. And choosing is a bit of “What do I still need to take?” and a bit of “What is offered on Tuesdays in the spring?” and “Which profs am I not willing to have again?” — and, it sometimes seems, very little of “What looks cool and interesting?”. But! I have persevered, and all going well tomorrow morning, this is what I’ll be taking next year:

Fall Term

  1. English Drama to 1603
  2. The Novel
  3. Ulysses
  4. French Language II
  5. African Literature in English

Spring Term

  1. The Novel (cont’d)
  2. French Language II (cont’d)
  3. African Literature in English (cont’d)
  4. Darwin & Literature

Looks good, n’est-ce pas? I’ve also amassed enough credits already that I can take one course fewer in the spring, which will be lovely. 80% course loads are wonderful.

Strangely enough, though, I think that the one I’m most excited about is the French grammar class. It’s been a long time since I studied French. I had nine years of immersion when I was young, and a piddling amount in highschool, but my language skills have sort of atrophied since then (although I do use written French at work). I did the university’s assessment basically on a whim, but now I think that I’d really like to bone up on it again. (My assessment results are pretty typical for previously-immersed students: oral comprehension great, grammar abysmal).

On towards tomorrow, then.

5 thoughts on “Course Registration

  1. Lol I always wait till the last second to pick classes. “The novel” looks interesting, the closest my school gets to that is “the short story”.


  2. Ulysses! Go Christine! I am honoured that you take my blog posts into account when choosing courses to take!I'm excited for my course load next year as well – lessons, recital, a lot of random history/musicology courses and TWO non-music electives – History of Britain to 1688 and Latin (hoorap!)By the by, how am I not on your blogroll? I am agog.


  3. Osbert — I dunno, cause I'm a big jerk? It's since been rectified (under Wonderful Things). I took a similar History of Britain class. If your textbook is Early Modern England 1485-1714 by Bucholz & Key, you can have my copy.Anysia — It's probably because nearly all verbs in nearly all tenses end with an “é” sound. Speaking is fine, but then you have to decide to write -é, ée, -er, -et, -ait, aient, -ais, -es …


  4. Wow, so jealous! Those look like awesome classes. I'm exactly the opposite of you- my writing and grammar are fantastic, my oral-comprehension SUCKS. LOL Good luck to you and enjoy!And really, I think all French language is made up of just a few words, and all the rest is context. Completely convinced. 🙂


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