Things You Want to Know

Hello, internet.

I’ve noticed some interesting search terms directing you here lately. So I thought I’d answer your questions:

art of belligerent email I’m not sure that there’s a particular art to it, but if you’d like to write something truly belligerent, I’d suggest the following. Use complicated insults (“your corpulence is Brobdignagian, you aberrant prig”) but stay away from swears, since we’re all too used to them anyway. Promise to delete any replies sent, so that your target feels that they can’t respond to you. Try to keep it short and sweet, but powerful (a pretty good example is here). And if you get in trouble over sending belligerent email, please don’t blame me.

how can my kid remember what she reads? I dunno, the same way she remembers anything else? You could try using mnemnonics. You could also have her talk through what she’s reading, or write notes or little reports. If she’s someone who learns best by talking or writing or doing, helping her to use her particular learning style while reading will probably have good results. You can find out more about learning styles here.

which laura ingalls book has the tin cup Little House on the Prairie is the book in which the girls get the tin cups for Christmas. The cups, however, are mentioned in subsequent books as well.

critical review of castaway kid It’s on his way. I haven’t finished the book yet, but once I do, I’ll review it.

wordpress “joshua knelman” If you were looking for his blog, I can’t find it either. But here are some articles he’s written.

the sweet hereafter characters Here are some: Delores Driscoll, Mitchell Stephens, Nichole Burnell. But you really ought to read the book yourself.

brice courtenay four fires It’s really good! I know, I know, I love everything that Bryce Courtenay has ever written, but I thought that Four Fires was particularly excellent.

edward rutherfurd dublin It’s pretty good. I thought that London was better, though.

viros games you spelled “virus” wrong.

movie and book differences I assume that this means in general, not in terms of a particular book/movie set.

helminthdale You can find Kevin Musgrove’s excellent blog here.

terry pratchett booklist I don’t have the complete list, but you can find it here.

challenger raeds books You spelled “reads” wrong.

she blabbers She certainly does!

diana gabaldon what she reads I don’t know who Diana Gabaldon is, or what she reads, but I hope that you found out.

i am not much of a reader what are the b What are the b-what? What are the b-what? Dude, you can’t leave me in suspense like that.

music Yeah. I like music.

Any questions, internet?

6 thoughts on “Things You Want to Know

  1. I love this list! For future reference, Diana Gabaldon is the author of the Outlander series–basically, a series of thick-tomed historical romances set in the 18th century. Its amazing what internet searches will turn up!


  2. I love these lists. Unfortunately neither of my sites get very interesting search queries.And oh remembering what one reads is a passion of mine! It might comprehension they are talking about…the best thing is to remind your child that the most important thing to do while reading is focus on the meaning and not worry about the words. 🙂 Reading is just another form of communication…in this case a conversation with the author. 🙂


  3. Thanks, all. Natasha, I'd been meaning to do one for a long time, but it was seeing your list of June search terms that finally prompted me to post. So, thanks for the inspiration!


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