Review: Game Widow, by Wendy Kays

You might have seen Wendy Kays on Dr Phil lately (or as we call it at my house, The Mustachioed Egg Show) promoting her new non-fiction title, Game Widow. Well, I can one-up you: I’ve read her book.

It’s pretty good. It’s an extremely quick read — I feel like I finished it in about twenty minutes, although I know that it actually took a fair piece longer than that. And it provides a brief but broad introduction to the world of video games, gamers, and video game addiction.

Here’s the back jacket:

Is your loved one constantly monopolizing your computer or TV to play video gmaes? Is your schedule constantly set back by entreaties of “five more minutes” or “let me find a save point?” [sic] If so, you might be a game widow. Wendy Kays, former game widow, is here to help. In this book, she successfully bridges the gap between those who game and those who don’t by sharing invaluable insight and practical strategies for reclaiming your relationship with a video-gaming spouse, friend, or family member.

Yup, that’s pretty accurate. Kays digs into the psychological appeal behind gaming, discusses various opinions regarding video game addiction, explains how the video game industry works, and gives some guidelines and suggestions for dealing with gamers, as well as a resource list for further study. It’s not a gripping read — I mean, it’s non-fiction, so it doesn’t really have a plot — but it is informative and easy to digest.

One downside I spotted is the lack of an index. This is something that bothers me; the first thing I do when I flip to a non-fiction text is to check if the index is any good. This index is no good, because it doesn’t exist. I don’t approve.

Apart from that, though, I think that this is a fairly good introduction to the subject and a fairly good book besides.

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  1. It is one of my little fantasies, that one day Dr Phil will accost me, and I will yell, “Unhand me, you mustachioed egg!”. And then all will be well in the world.


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