March Search Terms!

Happy April, everybody. Let’s look at what brought you here last month.

“i’ll start purging at school” Honey, don’t. You’re not going to keep it a secret there, either, and you’re not doing yourself any favours. Eating disorders — what I assume this is about — are a nasty business. You can find more information here.

stroke insight cookie Erm, what? Maybe I missed something because I didn’t finish the book, but I’m really not seeing the connection. Can anyone give a girl a little help?

firefly lane badly written kristin hannah You said it, not me! Oh wait. I said it too.

peter wimsey fanfic sex I’m sorry, but I cannot help you. Consider writing your own. And then keeping it to yourself.

got it sorted out I’m so very glad to hear that. Are you the “is this sorted” person from last time? Or are you two people secretly sending messages through search terms aimed at my blog? Are you secret agents? Am I your dupe?

how to recycle hardcover books Depending on where you live, your municipality may take them in your blue bin or its equivalent. Otherwise, the best way — I am given to understand — is to remove the hard cover and recycle the inside pages as you would normal paper. The cover may be recycled or thrown out, depending on its materials and what your municipality collects. Of course, you should consider first whether the books might be read by someone else; there are lots of ways to get rid of used books that don’t involve their destruction.

how long is dr. jekyll book It’s about a hundred pages. Now get cracking.

go jill taylor Go where?

she books Unless she’s a police officer, I question the validity of this statement. Just so you know.

step children book I can’t help you specifically. But here’s a list of books tagged with “step-children” on LibraryThing. There are not many.

second hand bookshop no point No point buying books there? Or no point selling books there? On the first point, I heartily disagree — I think that second-hand bookstores rock. But I understand if you mean that there’s no point selling books there. It’s true that most of the time you won’t get very much money for your discarded tomes (especially if they’re going to be re-sold for a dollar or fifty cents, you have to be prepared to get very little back). It depends on what the final goal of selling your books is: are you in it for the money, or do you just want to have some more space on your shelves? If the latter, consider settling for those low prices — or even donating them somewhere.

web mail yellowknife golf club Oscar big blue templeton ocean!

chapter summaries of the book an abundance of katherines I’d actually be up for this except that I can’t find my copy of An Abundance of Katherines anywhere. This is one of the hazards of deciding to organise your books and then stopping halfway through: you are left with three or four lovely & organized shelves, and everything else is just giant piles of chaos.

novels with swim(ming) in the title Again, LibraryThing is our friend. Here’s a list. They’re not all novels, though; you’ll have to do some refining on your own.

christine book blog 5 stars You’re too, too kind. I’d like to thank the Academy, of course.

twilight the light from the sky between full night and sunrise or between sunset and full night produced by diffusion of sunlight through the atmosphere and its dust; also:a time of twilight. Also, a really crummy book series by Stephanie Meyer that I refuse to read. You know, on account of the crummy.

why is charlotte crossing the atlantic ocean If you’re talking about Charlotte Doyle, she’s crossing the ocean to return to her family’s home after being at school in England — also because without that little plot device, the whole story couldn’t happen. If you’re asking about other Charlottes, I can’t help you.

r.b.mitchell = castaway kid Good math, googler! Rob Mitchell did indeed write Castaway Kid. Also he is the aforementioned kid who was cast away. I probably wouldn’t have thought of using the equals sign myself… so I’m going to assume that you’re a big nerd. Hope that’s okay!

swimming pool sunday book report Call me a crazy old coot (and they do) but I really think that you kids ought to start writing your own book reports. And pull up your pants. And get off my lawn.

11 thoughts on “March Search Terms!

  1. lol, so my RSS reader attached a Twilight ad because you mentioned the word. Well done, Christine–you're doing your own little part in perpetrating it! 🙂


  2. u wont read twilight???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Edward is teh awesomeness!!!11!1! Edward-Bella 4ever!!1!!1!! ZOMG!Just kidding. Don't worry – unless anti-feminism and thesaurus-raping are your thing, you're not missing much. (But I swear, I have seen actual 5-star Amazon reviews that read like what I wrote above.)The weirdest search term I've ever gotten was “alice in wonderland unsunk chin video.”EL Fay’s latest blog post:Wordless Wednesday


  3. An Abundance of Katherines is on loan to Alex right now. I'll see to getting it back sometime (and returning some of her books, too).


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