Unrequited toddler love

Goober and Goobrette, being almost two years old, are now starting to be quite free with their affections. Sometimes I’ll be noodling around in the kitchen and Goobrette will run up and hug my legs. Goober will give his sister un câlin when she’s upset, without prompting. It’s nice to see them being emotionally demonstrative in a way that doesn’t involve shoving.

These bursts of affection aren’t limited to humans. They both adore la chatte Nikita and Goober will happily, squealingly, tackle her to the ground for a full-body hug. The cat is remarkably gentle with the twins and will simply look at me beseechingly as she attempts to crawl her way out from under him.

Actually, these bursts of affection aren’t even limited to living creatures. Goobrette has a baby doll — named Baby — that she adores. Baby gets fed, wheeled around in a little stroller, and smothered with hugs. When Goobrette can’t find Baby she wanders the house calling for her. It’s not a bad life for a doll.

Goober has a hard plastic doggie pull-toy, the kind with wheels instead of feet. When you pull it around on its string, the ears and tail wag.

Yesterday I walked in on him french kissing it.