Friday evening thankfulnesses

A while ago, following the example of Ann Voskamp, I decided to start writing down a list of things that I am thankful for. You know, attitude of gratitude!, and all that (I feel as if that phrase always ends with an exclamation point whether warrented or not). As promised, I did actually notice a change in my internal habits of thought — and perhaps a lessening of my cases of the grumples — as I tried to intentionally notice God’s small gifts all around me. It was good.

Like most of the habits I try to start, however, this practice fell by the wayside after too short a time, and the special little notebook I bought rattled its lonely way around my purse for some weeks without being pulled out. But I think that it’s time to start being thankful again. I need to be reminded.

Here are some of today’s thankfulnesses:

– This morning I put out the nativity set, as a surprise for Stan when he got home. I’m thankful that Christmas is coming.

– Yesterday Goober said his first complete interrogative sentence: “What is this?”. The twins have expressive language delays and so it’s really encouraging when they make strides like that.

– Tonight I got home from a singalong performance of Handel’s Messiah, which is my all-time favourite piece of music in the world ever — both to listen to and to sing. It was amazing to sing it with hundreds of other people. The soloists were very good this year, particularly the alto, and I had a great time. I’m thankful for singing, and for music, and for Handel, and that I was able to get off work early so that I could make it to the rehearsal on time!

Things I’m not as grateful for:

It’s Christmas (well, almost), which means Christmas decorations, which of course means bringing out our favourite ornaments from our separate pasts (this being our first Christmas and all), which means that Stan has gotten out his creepy, creepy nutcrackers. Although he’s kindly placed them facing away from the bed, I just realised that this means that they’re just watching me in the mirror. They are CREEPING me OUT, honey.

He just whispered that they’re plotting against me. Thanks, babe! I’ll sleep well tonight!