America, America, my country tis almost of thee

Hooking up with Jen for Seven Quick Takes.

1. It’s summer here! I know that the calendar says that it should probably be spring, but we had spring already: it was about a week ago and it was ten minutes long. Now the temperature is hanging out in the solid mid-twenties, and we’re all walking around with sunburns and stunned expressions.

The fun part, of course, is that it would not be unheard of if we got another snowstorm before the month is out.

2. Having grown up in The City, I never particularly needed to drive, and so I didn’t bother to learn. But last year I decided that I was going to get my licence (only ten years overdue) and so I went through drivers’ ed and then took lessons with an instuctor. And he was — how can I say this? — a gigantic jerkosaurus. So a month or two after my lessons ended I wrote a letter to the driving school detailing my experience. (This is something that I’ve recently discovered: when something goes wrong, it’s ok to complain. Crazy, no?)

The upshot is that they were very apologetic and are sending me out with their senior instructor this morning to make sure I’m ship-shape for my road test at the end of the month. All I hope is that we can practice parallel parking, because I haven’t done that in yonks.

3. Part of the reason I decided to learn to drive is because we’re moving! At the end of July we’ll be leaving our city… and our province… and our country (!) as Stan is going to be pursuing graduate studies in the States. It’s both exciting and daunting to think about living as ex-pats for the next three or so years. And to add to our sense of displacement, we’re moving from a city of a million (note: this is the smallest place I’ve ever lived) to a town of 7,000. That’s the size of five of my highschools.

Stan says that I’ll love small-town living, and he’s probably right, but right now — in the abstract — it just doesn’t make sense to me. The town: so tiny! What do they all do there?

4. One of the used bookstores near us is having an all-summer-long five-books-for-a-dollar sale. This is basically like handing me a bag of cocaine. But it’s helpful for the next stage of my reading resolution: I want to read one French book a month. I’ve been easily exceeding my goal of at least three nonfiction titles, and so I think it’s time to add French to the mix.

This resolution also comes in light of the upcoming move, since I won’t be using my French daily in Tinytown USA as I do here.

5. You know that Yiddish saying about God laughing when we make plans? Years ago I told God (and anyone else who would listen) that I would never live in my current city. And even more than that, I told God that I would never, ever, ever ever ever, not even a little, ever live in the United States.

Ah ha, ha, ha ha ha.

6. This post has basically been all about the move so far, and that makes sense I guess, since it’s a pretty big deal. We’re getting excited, and we’ve finished our paperwork and lined up somewhere to live, but there’s still one thing that’s giving me some major trepidation: odds are, I won’t be able to get a work permit. Getting into the States is no problem because I’m going down as the dependent spouse on Stan’s student status. That means that he can work, with some limitations, but I can’t at all. And looking at the regulations and conditions and incantations necessary to obtaining a work permit, I’m pretty daunted — especially because I’m not in any sort of specialty occupation.

I’d be happy to have your prayers that we’d find a way for me to get a permit, because (a) it’d be awfully useful for me to be able to bring in some income since Stan will be working and studying both, and (b) if I have to sit around the house for three years I might die.

7. On that note of (slight) hyperbole, I shall close. It’s almost time to meet my instructor, so I’ve got some parallel parking videos to review!

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