Six months: a snapshot

I don’t know that anyone ever sets out to be a “mom blogger” on purpose — I didn’t — but it seems to happen to most once the little ones alive — might as well embrace it, eh? 

Anselm turned six months old recently — I’ve been meaning to write down a few things about how life is right now — the blog will do until I can get things down somewhere more permanent (which is to say, on paper).

At six months old, Anselm’s favourite toys are his own feet (especially now that he can suck his toes!), the tin lid of one of my jewellery boxes, Mr. Blue Bun, and Sophie Giraffe (who is requisite and necessary, as well for the hands as for the gums). His favourite activities include rolling from his back to his front, and then to his back, and then to his front, and then to his back… He is also into hair pulling and grabbing Mama’s glasses (we are working hard on dissuading him from these activities). He is very close to crawling and likes to stand up with support. He likes music and people. Nobody can make him laugh like Daddy can, especially when playing with Crazy Horse (now that he’s outgrown being scared of it). When he gets excited — which happens often — he kicks his legs and flails his arms, often punching himself in the face.

Anselm goes to bed at around 7 pm (+/- 30 minutes) and sleeps until 6-7 am, with a few feedings in between. He is a haphazard napper. He still nurses well but is highly distractable, so if we’re going out he’ll drink expressed milk from a sippy cup, with some assistance. His favourite people are Mama, Daddy, and his little buddy E, whom we babysit once a week. For some unfathomable reason, he is also completely and utterly enamoured with the curtain that hangs in our stairwell — but only when he’s being carried up the stairs.

In the past week or so we have also introduced solids! He was fairly bamboozled at the beginning but seems to be getting the hang of it, and eats about 1 oz. at a meal. So far he likes applesauce, and sweet potato with spinach, but is not keen on banana. He prefers to hold the spoon himself, which is why I generally use three — one for each of his hands, and one for me. Anselm has not suffered for the lack of solids up to this point, and weighs 21 lbs… or likely rather more, since it’s been about a month since we last measured. He loves “ups” in our baby carriers (a wrap, a mei-tai, and a ring sling) and can usually be bounced to sleep while being worn.

We feel very blessed that he is an easy baby — he has a very sweet inner nature and we hope that it will not grow jaded as he gets older. Though there are moments when he’s an absolute turd — as all babies sometimes are — by and large he is very easy-going, and doesn’t get upset without reason. He is quite sociable, and will turn his mouth up towards us when we cue him with “kiss-kiss”. At church he likes to look at other children and at the stained glass, and is always happily surprised by the sanctus bells.

His latest trick is to do a little fake cough in order to fart (gotta engage those abs somehow, I guess!). What a little weirdo. We love him to bits.

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