Weekend Reading: embracing JOMO, responding to sexual abuse, mathemagics, and the right to disconnect

Weekend Reading is a weekly collation of 3-5 articles that have caught my attention, published on Saturday mornings. Previous editions can be found here.

1. How to Make This the Summer of Missing Out (The New York Times)

It’s September first so I suppose summer is over, but this is definitely something to work on anyway. JOMO!

2. 20 Things Christians Need to Stop Saying About Sexual Abuse (A Queer Calling)

This article from 2015 is, sadly, perpetually relevant.

3. Want to Cure Math Anxiety? Start with a Magic Trick (The Walrus)

Mathphobia, he believes, is fear born out of how math is taught early on in grade school. During more advanced university studies, there is a line of thinking that math, like life, is hard, and that students need to learn to become comfortable with the struggle and the frustration. Bhargava, however, in all arenas, seeks to find the joy and optimize the bliss. “Math is often associated with memorizing a bunch of steps and solving some word problem that would never happen in real life. You solve it, and in the end, it doesn’t mean anything. But if it’s a hands-on process of discovery and creativity—and, in the context of magic, it allows you to do cool things that you couldn’t do without knowing math—then it has a different effect on one’s perception of what math is.”

4. Liberals Eye Closer Look at Right to Disconnect in Labour Rule Revamp: Report (The National Post)

A few countries in Europe have already enacted laws protecting workers’ rights to be unavailable when they are off the clock. I am interested to see how this may play out in Canada.