“Carrot Cake” lap blanket

Unlike the last project I posted about, this lap blanket offered me no frustrations at all: just smooth sailing from start to finish, plus the fun of using a new yarn. I was given a gift certificate to the local fancy yarn store, and so this is actually my first foray out of acrylic-land. This was worked up with three(ish) skeins of Ella Rae Seasons yarn, in the colourway “carrot cake”. I liked it; it’s a soft, springy wool blend with long gradient transitions between colours that ended up making a wonderful stripe. Best of all, it promises — despite the wool content — to be washable.

I worked this up using (my beloved) moss stitch, with a J hook. At that size, the individual stitches really stand out — which gives an effect that reminds me a bit of houndstooth:

The “ish” designation appended to my skein-count is because I had to chop off several lengths each time I changed skeins, so that the pattern would be more or less consistent. I don’t mind; making prayer squares for church means that I always have a use for those little balls of scrap yarn.

It even works as intended!

5 thoughts on ““Carrot Cake” lap blanket

    • Black Sheep Yarn Shop. It definitely seemed very knitting-centric (insert rant about crocheters being second-class crafters here) but I got four skeins of this and the most wonderfully snippy little scissors to keep in my work bag.


      • Nice! Travel snips are the bomb. Yeah I don’t know what to do about the lack of crochet content. It’s just less popular :/ wish your local store would try harder tho!


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