More discoveries in the garden

(This post is only pictures of flowers. You know, just fyi.) It’s a pleasant, warmish Sunday afternoon and I’ve been catching up on what the garden has been doing over the last week or so. Our daffodils are still going strong and keeping us in bouquets, and the tulips are just starting to open up. Despite the snow (!) we had a few days ago, lots of good things are happening outside.

Grape hyacinths (a longtime favourite):

I think these are bleeding hearts, although I’m not sure. The shape is right but I’ve never seen white ones before:

Purple anemones in full bloom, along with some friends:

No idea what these pretty, droopy, purple ones are. Connie, do you know?

Ok, I lied. There is also a picture of leaves. Ivy along the back fence:

Some pretty ground cover:

Hedges in blossom (and in need of a trim):

And the aforesaid tulips, coming out — red!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the spring and summer brings.

5 thoughts on “More discoveries in the garden

  1. Hi Christine: Just a heads-up. Some flowers and plants are poisonous if eaten. I think bleeding hearts may be one of them. Love, GG Jane.


  2. I love seeing what your garden is doing! It looks like you all have settled in nicely, Christine.
    Much love from the Brooks family.


  3. Definitely dicentra spectabalis = white bleeding heart. But, as someone said, it’s like saying that an ermine is a white weasel…hardly captures the beauty.
    Pulmonaria, almost certainly…comes in blue and pink…sometimes one fading to the other.
    And…chickweed? which is what is says…a weed. Not sure I’d keep that one!
    All in all, it looks lovely! And very springlike.


  4. and the hedge is, of course, forsythia. The former owners of our house, in true French tradition, trimmed ours to a conical form. Nice, but doesn’t allow for the arching boughs of my youth. However…having said that, keep using it as a hedge! it’s great. And Very Hardy! xx


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