Nothing quite like it

I got a package in the mail yesterday from Calgary, with no return address. It had my name on it, which was curious, because I haven’t bought anything much online recently, and I don’t know anybody in Calgary. So what an unexpected delight it was to open it up and find this little beauty inside:

This is the final anthology from The Anti-Languorous Project, a literary magazine that has sadly folded. But before they did, they published two of my poems in their digital edition. As compensation I had the option of choosing a print copy of the annual anthology in which my work appeared or the cash equivalent of purchasing it — and I’m so glad I chose the anthology. It’s a beautiful little book, with a lovely page and cover texture, and just the right size to slip into my purse.

And of course… this is always the best part. I love sharing my work in online journals, but there’s really nothing like seeing it in print. Here are my words, which I can hold in my hands, as can who knows how many people I will never meet. It’s just a little bit magical.

Antilang anthologies can still be picked up at their online store, although some quantities are limited: