Faith CAL, part 2

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In the second part of this crochet-along afghan pattern, we’ve gone from this:

To this!

This section of the pattern involved first squaring-off the centre motif — I wanted to call it a circle, but I guess it’s more of a blobby octagon? Anyway, it magically transforms to a square through using stitches with different heights across each side: triples, then doubles, then half-doubles, then singles, and then reverse it all on the way to the next corner.

After the square came the construction of this funky mesh, which uses both bead and puff stitches for lots of texture. I messed up on my second row of bead stitches; somehow they crossed in my mind with popcorn stitches and I added a slip stitch / chain when finishing each one off. This left me with a lot of extra stitches to account for when I started the next row! Fortunately I noticed before I got too far along, and was able to fudge some adjustments instead of having to frog it. Ordinarily I might have gone back and redone it correctly, but bead stitches are so terribly tedious…

I do have some rippling as a result, but it’s not dire, and I think once I go on to part 3 things will start to even out again. And as this is still just a small centre portion of what will be a much larger blanket… well, nobody’s going to notice once it’s actually in use!

Even the back has its own sort of prettiness, now that I finally bit the bullet and sewed in all of my ends. Note to future self: sew your ends after every section from now on.

Onward and upward!

5 thoughts on “Faith CAL, part 2

  1. I love everything about this. I am crocheting vicariously through you. Which is great because then I don’t have to crochet. Do you do the bobble stitch (light blue) and then work the green overtop of some kind of netting?


    • Ah, so that section looks more complicated than it actually is! Basically you have three rows in play: green, blue, green. In the first green row (anchored to the mustard), you make a mesh: a row of chain stitches, anchored with alternating single and treble crochets. It looks something like a series of lowercase Ms when it’s done.

      Then with the blue, you’re still chaining across, but you anchor it with a single crochet on top of the green trebles, and with a puff stitch on top of the green singles (at this point you have evened up the overall height). With the third row of green, again you’re chaining across. You anchor it with front-post stitches (which wrap around the stitch beneath instead of going into their top as usual). So you’re wrapping around the tops of the puff stitches, but over the green-treble-blue-singles, you do a front-post treble around the first green row beneath.

      The effect is that it looks like those tall green stitches are one long thing, but there’s actually a blue stitch tucked in behind them. If you look at the picture of the back, you can see how the whole blue chain ends up tucked in behind all the green.


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