Sunday School set-up and clean-up

1. Important! I didn’t get a picture this week, but there is a dial on the wall beside the door. This controls the sound being piped into the room from the service. Make sure that the dial is set all the way to the right, at 0 decibels.

2. Move pew closest to the window all the way to the wall:

3. Set up nursery zone on the far side wall (furthest from the entry doors). Lay out the larger blanket and a selection of toys. All of the nursery supplies are located inside the plastic laundry bin:

4. Set out foam pads (found on one of the pews, usually the 2nd from the back wall) for the children to sit on. Leave enough room for you to sit at the front with the story materials in front of you:

5. On the open pew beside the the story zone (pictured on the left, above) set out the post-story supplies: crayons & markers, paper, Sunday School colouring pages, playdough, playdough mats and toys, and baby wipes for cleaning hands:

6. Make sure that the Sunday School bathroom is unlocked. It is located at the bottom of the stairs that are immediately beside the Sunday School room. A staff member can open it with their interior (blue) key; make sure to pop the inner lock out so that the handle can be used and it will not automatically lock with a child inside!

7. Clean-up: do it all again, backwards. Return nursery supplies to bin; return Sunday School and story supplies to box; stack those neatly on two chairs on the back wall (pictured below). Return foam pads and front pew to their original locations in the room. Once everything is away, turn out the light, lock the door from the inside, and close it behind you.