The Pastor,” Ekstasis Magazine, Fall 2022 collection.

“Birch,” “Sunset Invitation,” and “Birth: Noun, Often Attributive,” Prospectus, issue 5, Winter-Spring 2022. Available in print.

Up the Clock,” Better Than Starbucks, volume VII, no. I, February 2022. Also available in print.

“The Park,” Babybug, October 2021. Available in print.

“Pandemic Restrictions, Day 402,” Dunes Review, Issue 25.2, Fall/Winter 2021. Available in print.

Weaning” and “The Sleeper,” Antilang, issue 10, Fall 2021.

Going Home for Christmas / Going South,” The Scriblerus, Spring 2021.

Seclusion (A Checklist),” Jet Fuel Review, Issue 21, Spring 2021.

Maryland Summer: Three Small Evening Poems,” Humana Obscura, issue 2, April 2021. Also available in print.

“Sunday, Before Dawn,” live magazine, March-April 2021.

Breaditations,” Understorey Magazine, Issue 19, Dec 2020.

Sure Odds,” Baltimore County Public Library “Share Your Story” Poetry Contest 2018; 2nd place, adult category.


Helianthus,” set by Frank Horvat, March 2022.

“It was an October Day,” set by Frank Horvat (forthcoming).

“Take Me Back North,” set by Alice B. Dearden (forthcoming).

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My master’s thesis: Lex Operandi, Lex Credendi: Dorothy L. Sayers’s Theology of Work (dropbox link to .pdf file).